PWS provides cellular data plans for all types of Data Usage, SMS and Location Based Services (LBS). Our web based activation portal is an extremely valuable tool to streamline logistics and manage deployment. Our MVNO partners offer device and network management portals in addition to extremely competitive data pricing. PWS also offers licensed Device Management Gateways both hosted and un-hosted.

GSM/GPRS and HSPA Data Plans for M2M and wireless mobility applications.

M2M DataSmart is a wholesale provider of CDMA-based cellular data airtime services for the emerging machine-to-machine market. Our focus is to provide a fully integrated, wholesale airtime product to commercial customers who, in turn, provide airtime services as part of their own product offering. M2M DataSmart offers an intelligent device management portal allowing customers visibility into there devices and data usage as well as unique management tools.

Sprint offers a full portfolio of mobile and GPS applications to instantly meet the unique management and automation needs of your business. Sprint offers a full line of CDMA network data plans for wireless mobility and M2M Communications

Device Telus offers CDMA 1xRTT and HSPA data plans for all M2M applications. Telus M2M Division is ready to meet your needs for cost effective, reliable M2M Deployments across Canada.

Managing all the mobile devices, CDMA and LTE data plans for all wireless mobility and M2M Communications.

Wyless Group is a privately owned international communications group created in 2003. Managing a global, secure wireless data network which makes it possible for remote and/or mobile machines and devices to communicate with each other.

T-Mobile has a Nationwide GSM/GPRS and HSPA+ footprint across 100 percent of our service area. GSM offers global roaming capabilities.