PWS is partnered with the leading Design Services Companies and Test and Certification Labs to bring together what our customers need to successfully deploy wireless systems. Full turnkey design to software or hardware integration services. FCC, PCTRB, IC, and other industry and carrier certification services.

Through one integrated solution, you get a powerful bundle of services for communicating remote asset data, performing remote device configuration, and managing your network.

SeeControl arms Solution Integrators with one of a kind M2M Services & Applications. The Nexus platform organizes and makes sense of data from the Internet of Things with no coding skills required. Scores of customers including ABB, HP and SMB customers entrust SeeControl with new revenue-generating services for hundreds of thousands of things around the world.

Axeda provides the most advanced cloud-based service and software for managing connected products and machines and implementing innovative M2M and Internet of Things applications. Our customers use the Axeda Machine Cloud™ to turn machine data into useful information, build and run innovative M2M applications and optimize business processes by integrating machine data.

VisTracks™ is leveraging M2M Device Data to change the value proposition of predictive analytics with real-time Position and Movement Analytics.  Their platform is now

available commercially as a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for next generation real-time predictive analytics.

Mesh Systems provides turnkey, cloud-based, wireless M2M solutions that can be specifically tailored to speed the deployment of smart services across a wide range of industries. Our feature-rich and ultra-scalable MeshVista® platform enables OEM’s to connect, manage, control and gather intelligence from remote devices cost-effectively and in real-time.

WiPipe Central is an essential tool for managing the devices remotely. Whether your routers are deployed in distant locations, used for digital signage installations, or just simply traveling with your field sales team, CradlePoint makes it easy to keep in touch with the edge your 3G/4G Network.

The Enfora Gateway and Provisioning software combine years of technical refinement that have resulted in a robust product that will allow you to focus on your core business strengths, and not have to address the lower-level technical issues that may take months to resolve.

AirVantage is the most comprehensive M2M cloud platform on the market, allowing customers to leverage a complete M2M application infrastructure to develop, deploy, and operate powerful M2M applications.

Why go through the effort to source multiple vendors for a single process? Only Connected Development offers a turnkey solution to turn your concept into reality. From design through certification– and even manufacturing– Connected Development takes you through the entire process or any part of it. Our services help ensure success right out of the gate. Let generation to businesses for whom effective connectivity is business critical.

RFI Global is a leading provider of testing, approval and consultancy services to the global technology market. As an independent private company, we use our depth of knowledge, high quality of service and over 20 years of experience to help guide your products through the approvals process, so you can bring them to market in the quickest possible time.

Device Solutions provides more than just quality engineering consulting, we offer an experienced team of engineers and wireless industry experts who provide both flexible design and business alternatives to meet your needs. Whether you are seeking options for minimizing business start-up costs, reducing product bill of material costs, or expediting market entry, Device Solutions investigates solutions to enable you to make the best possible business decisions.

ClearComm is a device management software platform for communicating with any wireless or wired device. ClearComm enhances the communication functionality of inexpensive, off-the-shelf modems so that they have the same capabilities as high end modems costing hundreds of dollars more.

The CETECOM brand is renowned worldwide for independent consulting, qualified testing and approved certification in the telecommunication and wireless space.